Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have you done this?

I’m back.

I’ve been sooooo busy.

I’ve been busy with…
a box of Kleenex
a bottle of cough syrup
lots of water…
and my bed.

I had a nifty little summer cold that knocked me down for several days…
…but I’m back!

Today for Outdoor Wednesday I am going to show a few pics of gladiolas in my garden.
I think they are so beautiful, especially when bunched together.

The colors are always so bright.
Now, only if I could find all the glads in my gardens…
Oh, here’s a few...

...and I LOVE this pink one.
Where are all of my glads? I plant hundreds of them...
I space them out, and plant them every two weeks...
for constant blooms.

Where are they???????

WHAT is that growing out of the Pepsi crate?
Over there, under the bench...
do you see it?
It can't be...

It is...
Here are my glads...
don't they look lovely?
How in the heck did I NOT plant all of my glads?
How did I NOT notice they weren't growing in the gardens?
Please tell me I'm not the only one that has done this!?!?!
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

What is wrong with him???

It is so hot and humid today. Heat index of 110 degrees…
…who on Earth would be out playing softball in this heat?

Oh, that’s right…
…Hubby And The Morons

They say its for a charity.
…which it is.
I say, just give money.
…clearly, I don’t understand the ‘rules’.

Apparently, Hubby has forgotten about the surgeon saying, “No more softball.”.
…but I remember.

I remember clearly.

…sitting in the waiting room during his surgery, a nervous wreck…
sitting with him in recovery…
and the doctor going over the pictures of the surgery,
and saying, “No more softball”…

Hubby can claim that he was medicated,.
…but I have witnesses.

So, while Hubby played softball…
… I did this.

It is ‘tax free’ shopping this weekend in Iowa… I mean, what’s a girl to do?

I’m sure Hubby will be treating himself to ice packs and heating pads when he gets home.
…so I treated myself to these.

I know what you're thinking.

...Amy, you don't run.


...but maybe I would consider it with these hot little kicks.

One of my dearest friends, Emily, is visiting from Texas.

...she was my partner in crime today.

And so was her little girl...

The Fabulous Miss K

...don't you love her jewels?
She spotted the bling in every store...
...girl after my own heart.
Emily and I did pretty good...
...we didn't even go into the Coach store.
I know!
Hubby is home.
...I guess he survived.
And now there is talk.
...about the 'old gang' getting a team back together for the fall league.
...looks like I'll be hitting up the Coach store, afterall.