Saturday, September 5, 2009

Please Read... this is serious.

To my blogging friends and family...
I haven't posted in awhile because I am freaked out about what is happening in our community...
There have been a couple of attempted child abductions in surrounding towns, and it has happened in our town tonight.
I have decided to remove some posts and pics on my blog.
There are warnings out there about what we are publishing on the internet, and frankly---- I'm a little freaked out.
The attempted abductions haven't been linked to blogs, or anything (yet) but more of random children outside alone.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep a close eye on your children. Have the 'Stranger Danger' talk with them.
For awhile, I'm going to keep this blog to my junking finds, creations, etc.
Family--- I'll possibly start another personal blog that will be locked.