Saturday, August 8, 2009

What is wrong with him???

It is so hot and humid today. Heat index of 110 degrees…
…who on Earth would be out playing softball in this heat?

Oh, that’s right…
…Hubby And The Morons

They say its for a charity.
…which it is.
I say, just give money.
…clearly, I don’t understand the ‘rules’.

Apparently, Hubby has forgotten about the surgeon saying, “No more softball.”.
…but I remember.

I remember clearly.

…sitting in the waiting room during his surgery, a nervous wreck…
sitting with him in recovery…
and the doctor going over the pictures of the surgery,
and saying, “No more softball”…

Hubby can claim that he was medicated,.
…but I have witnesses.

So, while Hubby played softball…
… I did this.

It is ‘tax free’ shopping this weekend in Iowa… I mean, what’s a girl to do?

I’m sure Hubby will be treating himself to ice packs and heating pads when he gets home.
…so I treated myself to these.

I know what you're thinking.

...Amy, you don't run.


...but maybe I would consider it with these hot little kicks.

One of my dearest friends, Emily, is visiting from Texas.

...she was my partner in crime today.

And so was her little girl...

The Fabulous Miss K

...don't you love her jewels?
She spotted the bling in every store...
...girl after my own heart.
Emily and I did pretty good...
...we didn't even go into the Coach store.
I know!
Hubby is home.
...I guess he survived.
And now there is talk.
...about the 'old gang' getting a team back together for the fall league.
...looks like I'll be hitting up the Coach store, afterall.


  1. Thanks for the visit! I've enjoyed my visit here. Sounds like you had a well-deserved fun day. Love the shoes, and little miss jewels is too cute! :) -tammy

  2. Those Nikes are cute!

  3. everyone has tax free! We least not that I know of! Im jealous of tax free weekend! I would have shopped too instead of sitting in the heat :)

  4. Love the tennies...great for walking the mall!
    Hope hubby made it through the day.
    Great story and great blink Miss K.
    Thanks for stopping by my lamp show and hope to see ya again real soon ;-)

  5. Great site. I thought you might like to hear about this great FREE giveaway and easy rules. Ends Sunday, midnight.

  6. Hi Amy, I laughed at this post. If hubby's going to play, then there's no reason you shouldn't right? Miss K is a doll.

  7. Nice haul, girl! And the bejeweled child? A-Dor-able!

  8. Ohhhh,,, that brings back memories. My daughter played ASA fastpitch for 10 years,,,,yeaaaaa,,,, 11 months out of the year, she and I were committed to softball. Well, she was committed to softball, I was committed to shopping! It was the only way we both got through it!!!and the dr. thing, I was there too, but my d. at only 18 wanted to have her knees for the rest of her life, so she quit!!! I wish I had stock in ice bags and BioFreeze... Cute shoes, no reason why a girl can't have cute shoes when she wants to stomp on hubby for going against drs. rules...

  9. I love your Shox....they're my favorite tennies ever! I won't wear anything but shox!!!

  10. Why I believe those shoes will be great for shopping! Styln' Sneakers, what else do you need? Besides cash, that is.... Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come see me again sometime!

  11. I'll be taking my girls shopping for school stuff this weekend myself. Iowa State Fair starts tomorrow! I'm in small town Iowa too!

  12. I agree. Insane to play in that heat. Shopping is more fun!

  13. Tax free shopping???!! I need to get in on that!!!!

  14. Missed that tax free weekend and its KILLING me:) Sonya

  15. Amy ~~ what can I say but W-A-A-R Eagle! I'm hoping this year is going to be better than last since old Tubby left us. But back to the MIL stuff...thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. My SIL (daughter's hubby) is the only Alabama fan and we MIGHT let his son (Jackson) become one if he wants to.

    My son's little girl is McKinley...stay tuned in a couple of weeks cause we're going to her 4th b'day party on Aug. 22nd in B'ham. This is the son that lives near Rhoda of Southern Hospitality (do you know her blog?) and she and I have become "real" friends as well as blog friends. I love her to death!

    I'll be keeping my eye on your blog and thanks again for visiting mine.


  16. oh ps my name is Amy too! ha I read it to my hubby and he just smiled---ever been to INDIANA for ball?

  17. OK I posted the last one first and now this one>> not sure what happened!??? ANYWAYS i was trying to tell you till my computer shut down that my husband is a SOFTBALL JUNKIE too....he is 42 -we have been all over the world to play! He just broke his ankle this year..... and cant work been off 8 weeks- cant drive-has leg boot on and is now talking about playing in the fall league! HELLO MY name is AMY-- ha I love your post and I love to junk too-- we have a lot in common. check me out at
    take care!!!

  18. oh my gosh!!! OK-- Jason- Amy s too = black lab (ROLEN)-love softball-- J played college baseball for USI (University of Southern Indiana) - catcher -Lilly is our shit-zuhs name--- what else ya gogt hahhahahha--love to shop- junk and while J plays ball I SHOP too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I so need to meet you guys ! haha

    I keep ya on my side bar--- to check back

  19. LOL love your comment you just left! So much easier understanding the old school...this crap today...ugh

    Oh and those running shoes look great for chasing naughty little boys and great Coach deals! ;)

  20. What a great post! Loved your shopping spree...I understand more and more why we shop when we get really helps!