Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have you done this?

I’m back.

I’ve been sooooo busy.

I’ve been busy with…
a box of Kleenex
a bottle of cough syrup
lots of water…
and my bed.

I had a nifty little summer cold that knocked me down for several days…
…but I’m back!

Today for Outdoor Wednesday I am going to show a few pics of gladiolas in my garden.
I think they are so beautiful, especially when bunched together.

The colors are always so bright.
Now, only if I could find all the glads in my gardens…
Oh, here’s a few...

...and I LOVE this pink one.
Where are all of my glads? I plant hundreds of them...
I space them out, and plant them every two weeks...
for constant blooms.

Where are they???????

WHAT is that growing out of the Pepsi crate?
Over there, under the bench...
do you see it?
It can't be...

It is...
Here are my glads...
don't they look lovely?
How in the heck did I NOT plant all of my glads?
How did I NOT notice they weren't growing in the gardens?
Please tell me I'm not the only one that has done this!?!?!
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  1. Done it, been there, you are so not alone! Your flowers are beautiful, but oh what alot of work!
    Glad you are feeling better. Summer colds are the worst!

  2. I hope you get better soon!

    I love gladiolas :-)

  3. oops, my bad...you said you "had" a cold, not that you "have" a cold. geez louise I need to read carefully! :-) glad you are better!

  4. whew, that does not sound fun, glad your better, pretty flowers

  5. Welcome back!Uh-uh, sometimes it happens...save it for the next? Love the bright pink glads!

  6. Glad you are back, hope you feel a 100% soon!

  7. Summer colds are NO FUN!!!! Beautiful pictures of the glads -- a favorite flower that I forget about and alas, they are not in my garden!

  8. Ewwwww, Summer colds are the worst. Hope you recover 100%!!!

    And of all your photos, I really like the pink one best.

    My Outdoor Wednesday is photos of surfers/the Gulf Waters...come on over test the water temperatures!! I'd love to have your company today.

  9. You are not alone. I have done this with Canna's. Your glads that are blooming look terrific! Glad you got over your cold.

  10. Sorry about your illness. Just keep looking at your lovely flowers and you cannot help but feel better. Take care.

  11. Beautiful flowers. Sorry about the cold.
    I just shake my head at some of the things I have done lately.

  12. Think all who garden must do this at least once or twice...glad you're feeling better...

  13. Your glads are gorgeous. I'm glad you're feeling better. Summer ccolds are the worst. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  14. I'm glad you're on the upswing! Thanks for stopping by :)
    BTW, I have done that with 2 whole bags of tulips before!

  15. Sorry you have had the sniffles, but your flowers are lovely!

  16. LOVE Gladiolas! I'm feeling under the weather myself... ugh! ENJOY your weekend!

  17. Be sure to come by tonight around 9pm (Eastern time) for the announcement so you don't miss out. I promise-it good-really really good.
    Its So Very Cheri