Saturday, September 5, 2009

Please Read... this is serious.

To my blogging friends and family...
I haven't posted in awhile because I am freaked out about what is happening in our community...
There have been a couple of attempted child abductions in surrounding towns, and it has happened in our town tonight.
I have decided to remove some posts and pics on my blog.
There are warnings out there about what we are publishing on the internet, and frankly---- I'm a little freaked out.
The attempted abductions haven't been linked to blogs, or anything (yet) but more of random children outside alone.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep a close eye on your children. Have the 'Stranger Danger' talk with them.
For awhile, I'm going to keep this blog to my junking finds, creations, etc.
Family--- I'll possibly start another personal blog that will be locked.


  1. How scary!!! how unbelievable!!! How can anyone be so twisted,,, I just don't get the mental of it. We understand Amy and hopefully no more harm comes to kids in your area. My heart hurts when I hear or read stories like that. Children are supposed to be cherished like God intended it. Sorry to lose you as a bloggy friend but I do understand.....

  2. I know what you are saying... When my daughter was 12, she was stalked on the internet, I thought I had done everything right, the computer was in the kitchen, where we all could see what was going on, but this horrible man, found his way, via the internet, to my daughter. He almost had her on a plane... Thank God, somehow my answering machine picked up their conversation, and we caught him. He was in his 30's, not 14, like he'd told my daughter. The computer went in the trash. That was 10 years ago. I just recently got another computer last fall. The world is a scary place, at times, hold your babies near, and protect them with all you have...
    Barb C.

  3. I totally understand your fear. I would be very protective of my children as well. I hope that these horrible things stop happening around you and that you can feel safe again. That is the worst feel unsafe. Hang in there and keep the kiddos close by!

  4. I understand your fear. I have placed the fear in my children, because if they go about thinking that every stranger is as kind as they are acting, they could be setting themselves up for danger.

    My youngest just went to college. Of coursr I am afraid for her well being after all of the shootings, etc. But I also worry about stalkers. I was impressed, to say the least, that the college provided them with a neckpiece to wear that holds their room key and a rape whistle. I am also giving her one of those small cans of pepper spray that are made to hook on to a key chain. That little neck piece can save her life. Maybe all children should wear them to and from school.


  5. Hi Sonia, thank you for visiting us today. One precaution we can all take is NEVER post the pictures of our kids with their names. It's a crazy world we live in!!! Keep your kids close and your eyes open!

  6. Sonia, I agree we sould never post our personal pictures. It is different than decorating ideas, recipes, crafts etc. But not personal pics of ourself or family. Please keep blogging. Hugs, Connie

  7. So sorry to hear this. We can't live in fear but we do have to be cautious. I agree, keep the personal pictures for family sites only. It makes you wonder about YouTube, Facebook etc though.

    I hope you return to blogging and I'm looking forward to all the other posts about everything else!

  8. Love you and the blog, but I can understand why you would want to scale back a little. It can be a scary world. PS -- you have a blog award waiting for you when you feel a little more like blogging. :)

  9. This is a danger I've been aware of since I was little. People seem to pour their hearts out in blog land and give way too much personal information. I try to keep mine realted to creativity for the most part.

    Please don't quit blogging because of this though; just watch what you tell and say.

  10. agree that you cannot be too cautious and suspicious -- sad but true. i just refuse to post a photo of my grandchildren. just my personal choice.

  11. That is scary and frankly one of my biggest fears! It is a scary world out there and you just never really know. I dont blame you a bit!