Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sock it to me...

I'm an accessory girl.
...which means, I'm a sock junkie.
I love them, all of them...
okay, most of them.
Because I said...
"This is ridiculous. Out of all the new socks I got last year, I only have one pair that is still mated. What happened?".
Santa Baby brought me 14 pairs of socks.
Love that Santa Baby!

I am going to see to it, that in a year from now, all 14 pairs are still together.
Oh sure, nothing wrong with wearing socks that don't match...
...if you are wearing tall boots.
But I'm the girl that would do that and then find myself in a situation in which tall boots would have to be removed.
There I would be...
...standing there with my red and purple argyle sock on the left foot and a pink and yellow polka dot sock on the right foot.
Yep, that is the kind of luck I have.
So I'm on a mission.
I know what you are all thinking to yourselves...
...we all have the same problem.
We all have that bag full of socks with no mates.
It's a part of life.

Forget it...
Those days are over.
I have photographed, cataloged, indexed... and put secret transmitters in every sock.
Okay, that's a lie.
The transmitter part, that is.
I couldn't figure out how to do that.
I was all set to post this...
and wouldn't you know...
...a sock has already gone missing.
It's true.
I wore my new pink fuzzy socks to bed last night.
...no, I don't normally wear socks to bed.
But is was 5 degrees below zero last night.
Do you know how cold that is?
It's cold enough to make you want to wear pink fuzzy socks to bed.
I woke up this morning...
...awww--- nice and warm toes....
Why is my right foot freezing?
NO Sock.
Okay, fine.
It's just lost in the blankets...
...I searched, I ripped the bed apart.
I looked under the bed, under the pillows... IN the pillowcases.
Are you kidding me?
It's gone.
I have no other choice but to acknowledge that there is a Sock Snatching Fairy out there.
It's true.
All these years, we've been blaming the washer and dryer.
So... a word to that Sock Snatching Fairy....
I'm on to you.
This is war.


  1. Oh this is too funny! I'm cracking up! I'm just like you. I wear the wrong type of socks and then I have to take of my shoes at some family event. There I am all mismatched & exposed! Speaking of socks - my 2 year old wears holes in socks daily! I've never seen anything like it! It must be a boy thing! Best of Luck on the sock adventure!

  2. Amy~~~

    It happens to the best of us. If I didn't love cute socks I would give in and buy all black...

    Your post is just too funny! :-)


  3. HIlarious post! I have a whole pile of socks with lost mates that I have had for a year - I keep thinking they will show up. I think I will now throw them away - it will be so liberating!

  4. LOL LOL!! Where DO they go? ROTF LOL!!! My teenage and tweenage princesses tell me it's "hip" to wear unmatched socks. LOL!
    ♥ Teresa

  5. Okay you are so cracking me up. But then I have to ask- where the heck are they going? It happens to my son also..so many "onesies" socks.
    You can do it- you can make 2010 a year of beating the sock snatching fairy. :)

    thanks for stopping by my little old blog I appreciate it and look forward to reading more of your funny - real- posts.

  6. HAHA!! You are too funny! I should have asked for socks for Christmas - my supply is getting a little low. Good luck!!

  7. I live in FL - we're not very committed to socks or shoes for that matter down here. Good luck!

  8. Socks are suppose to match?!? I must have missed the sock memo.

    While I was doing a photo shoot of something or other that was all things eclectic as usual, I stopped dead in my tracks and noticed my feet were also eclectic. HOPE LESS IN DEED.

    I'd be happy to join your Missing Sock Club. I'll trade you an argyle for a sports lowrider...

    (cute post!)


  9. I LOVE your socks! I need some more "fancy" socks!

  10. Hilarious! Around here, can't tell whose socks are whose anymore. I keep waiting for matches to show up, but they never do. And when they don't, I use the leftover socks for dusting! They fit on your hand just like a mitten, spray a little Pledge on there and away you go. My husband rolls his socks before he puts them in the wash so they stay together all the time. I usually find half the boys socks behind their bed, shelves, cupboards, because they use they are always tossing them around. My youngest went through a whole pack of socks this summer because he kept running around outside in them. Amazing how much there is to say about socks. HA! Have a great day. Tammy

  11. I'm serious girl, just move to the desert and wear sandles! That's the only solution. We have a laundry basket full (overflowing) of socks. I don't see people even WEARING socks! I would spend three days pairing them if I knew there were actually pairs in there. I finally bought my hubby several bags of the exact same socks that I stack in his drawer unpaired, since they are all the same. As for the sixty chilled toes on my six children...well, we DO live in the desert, and winter IS only a few short weeks here, so they'll survive.

    You are a doll! Enjoying my first visit to your blog. Found you through DIY Day at A Soft Place.

  12. Amy this post is awesome!!! I don't believe in the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny (I do believe in Santa..ya hear that Santa!!!) but I do believe in your sock snatching fairy. It's the only thing that makes sense, and I'm a sensible girl.

  13. What a fun post! And I feel your pain...

  14. hey amy! too funny! i am sending a semi warm smile your way from florida! we have been in the low thirties at night and low fifties during the day! which is chilly to me! but five below! wow! i dont know what to say! i am so glad you stopped by and left a sweet comment! thanks! i hope you visit again soon! try to stay warm!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Of course I had to check out yours when I saw the name... lemon AND cottage? That's like two of my favorite things. ;-) You have a new follower!

  16. Glad to know that we aren't the only ones who mysteriously lose socks :o)

  17. Just so you know...the "sock snatching fairy" lives in the basement! When we moved to our new house three years ago, we stooped losing socks. Our laundry room in the new house is upstairs (where the bedrooms are) in the main bathroom. In the old house our laundry room was in the basement. My guess, is that somewhere en route to the basement laundry area the "sock snatching fairy" lies in ambush!!

  18. hi amy,
    thanks for popping over to my blog to say hi...."hi!" your sock post cracks me up! it happens to me all the time too...you are not alone. happy new year...stay warm! ;)

  19. funny stuff. i think most of us our in the same boat on the sock issue. :)

  20. This is funny & cute!!
    I like socks too, but if they start to get a hole in the toe, I have to throw the pair out! It drives me crazy !!
    Oh the weird things we do!!
    Happy New Year!

  21. HA!!! I love it! I blogged a few weeks ago about socks- the fact that I was wearing 2 different socks (blush)

    Someone sent me a link to a sock shop that sells socks in trios not pairs!! How clever! I think it was called Little Miss Mismatch.

    I also got tons of socks for Christmas and I am loving it!!

  22. Socks are a tough one, losing baby socks is the worst though! They are so tiny and so easy to lose. I just blame it all on the sock elf who steals them all for sport. :)

  23. I'm a sock junkie too. I should photograph them. I will. Sooner or later.

  24. if you only knew how much i post or write about socks! i think we need to be friends. and if i loose a sock ~ i'll borrow one from your mis-matched pile. we are bound to have a match somewhere.
    cute post, but so true. @ least @ this nest it is true.

  25. LOL

    I'm a total sock freak. Enough that it's listed as one of my interests in my profile, fact. What that says about me only you all can tell me or don't. [giggle]

    I have your kinda luck and since I have a faction of my family that lived in Tokyo for years it's a given that the shoes will come off.

    My moto (well, one if them): Always wear cool socks. You never know when you'll have to take your shoes off.