Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Junk Bar From The Curb!

So- in the popular home catalogs they always show swanky home bars.
Hubs and I don't really have the need for one...
and we definitely don't have the space...
Or do we?

This is the area over by that stupid window that I now love...
It is off of the dining room, at the bottom of our stairs.
It isn't a room, it doesn't belong to a room...
it's just there.
I normally just have a bunch of pictures there...
(someone needs to paint that wall!)

Hubs had a few buddies over for a drink before they attended an event.
I decided to turn the area into a little bar for them.

I grabbed a few things out of the garage and basement...

Mugs, matches in an apothecary jar, liquor (of course)

Golf balls...

Some old jugs that I've thrifted over the years...

The gold/rusted stand is from the curb. 
It normally holds plants during the summer.
The galvanized box is from the curb.
The big picture is of my Hubs, his best friend, and my Dad...
...golfing in their tuxes...
The day of our wedding reception.
I love our photographer!

Hubs thought it was pretty cool. 
I loved it because it kept the idiots out of my kitchen! 
I am thinking about a girls night...
... change this and SASS it up!


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  1. What a SUPER cute idea!!!

    I've always thought a bar in the house would be fun, but I don't want the whole BAR-BAR thing.

    I love the composition of mixing all the vintage with the personal photo. Hope the guy-guests appreciated it as much as all of us re-purposers in blogland do!!!


  2. That is so cute! What a great picture of the guys from your wedding! I love how you put this all together!!!

  3. Ooh, a girls' night bar would be fun! Visions of cosmos and fresh fruit dance in my head!

  4. Amy this is great! I love the old jugs. And you have arranged it all so nice. You sure do find good curb stuff. The city picks up all the good curb stuff here before I get a chance to grab anything! I bet your hubs and his friends had a fun time at the event. And I really love that wedding picture of you with the roses that is on your sidebar.

  5. I love it!!! You are so creative and I love all of your finds!! Just such a cool idea!

  6. thank u thank u for the comment! Browsed around your blog and love it! you're so creative! i'm "following" back :)

  7. I love how you put this together! People collect whiskey jugs and bottles. Maybe yours is worth something! I especially love how you used your milk container as a cooler. When I was a kid, I couldn't believe that people actually had milk delivered to their houses. My grandmother had a box just like that and I loved going out in the morning to get the milk that the delivery man left.

  8. You're so clever! Love the ice box. Glad you posted your creation here so your efforts can be truly appreciated - I doubt the "guys" oohed and awed over it, but I sure am.

  9. You are quite the crafty lady! VERY cute!

  10. Great Idea. Normally we don't need a bar either but over the holidays we keep a few beverages out for visitors to whip up their own. It sure is handly and keeps them out of my tiny kitchen.

  11. That turened out great! ANd you can change it up anytime! Love it!

  12. Great idea! Love that you can have a bar when you need it, but don't have to leave it up every day of the year! That is just a little too much like I am living in an episode of "Dallas" for me. Remember that show. Seems like they had a bar in every room. ;o) ~mary~

  13. Having a bar in the house always reminds me of the bedrooms in a frat house, lol. This is definitely NOT frat house, I love it! Great idea. :)

  14. This is so cool and wonderful that it is so original!! Just love when thrifted goodies turn into something fabulous!!!
    Love the photo of the guys in sweet...oh don't tell them I said it was sweet!!!

  15. Oh I love it! And I love that you had everything on hand. Those are the best moments!!
    ~ Tana

  16. Whooo Hooo Amy, That looks great....and a GIRLS NIGHT sounds wonderful.

    I love how you used the galvanized box as a beer chiller. All I have to chill beer in is a couple of Corona Buckets. Great Job!!!

  17. I ment to do the above post as
    but I was already in my apron blog

  18. Looks great - love the little tin with the bottles !

  19. Amy, Thank you for visiting my blog. I loved your post and your blog is adorable. BTW, I recently formed a dinner club for just girl friends. I had read an article in a magazine about a group in Birmingham that had had their dinner club for 20 years. They began their group right out of college and still getting together. I had our first one at my house last Thursday night and it was a success. I am going to post some pics on BNOP for Tablescape Thursday. After reading the article I decided that we aren't getting any younger and it was time to start one. We will be meeting the first Thurs. of each month and all of our husbands were NOT happy that they weren't included but too bad. Making the time to get together with just the girls is a "Good Thing".

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  20. This is very cute. The golf ball display is genius!

  21. Love it! So glad you posted this. I'm doing a bar area in our breakfast room because my kitchen counters are cluttered with a wine cooler (mini fridge thingie), rack and all the liquor. We look like an AA meeting gone bad! I have a marble topped dresser that I'm going to rehab for this project so I'll be posting on it soon. Love the golf ball idea! I may have to steal it! Thanks!

  22. Looks great! I love how you made the "man stuff" look all cute... hehe.

  23. Well you did an awesome job and I hope your hubby appreciates you as he should. :) You made it fun but classy at the same time. Not frat boy as so many turn out looking. I can't wait to see how you shake it up for girls night...

  24. Super cool and creative! I hope hubby went and bought you a truckload of chocolate as a thankyou. It takes true talent to put together such a 'vignette' for males. I bow to you :)

    Glad you could Mi4M!

  25. That is an ibcredibly cute bar and it doesn't look like a bar-bar at all. LOL I just love the picture - that is a very creative photographer indeed. But my fave thing of all is your curbside galvenized beer bin. I heart that one. Thanks so much for joining in this week's Tabletop Tuesday. Have a blessed week, Barb

  26. I love the huge brown bottle,you were very clever to have picked that up. It looks great with all of the other interesting pieces you chose. Kathysue

  27. Great idea!! I'd come over for a drink when it's girls night :-)

  28. I love this idea! The fact it's all thrifted or laying around in storage is even better!! Great job!

  29. Hi Amy, this is so creative....I love it.

    Also love your header.

    Barb ♥

  30. You did a fabulous job. I love all the items you pulled together and you have such a creative eye for incorporating all the items and the accessories. Well done. Hugs, Marty

  31. What a cute idea and love your thrifting finds!

  32. What a great place for that place by the "stupid window"! I'm sure the men were very impressed with their special place. Love that galvanized tin! What an adorable picture of the tuxedo golfers!! Wish I could see a close up. I would have liked your photographer too ! :)

  33. Wow, I love it! Love your creativity, and I'm sure the guys loved it too! Thanks for linking up.

  34. This belongs in a magazine for it's creativity. Beautifully photographed and arranged. Your junk bar is great! --Delores

  35. Totally lovin' it - all of it! So many great things that look really great together - separate - they wouldn't look so cool though! Love it - esp. the wedding pic. and the tub and the jugs and the . . . well you get the picture!

    You really did it up - would love to see a "girl's night out" version!

  36. LOL I LOVE the way you describe things. Village Idiots I presume. :) Wonderful idea! That ice box is killin' me. Fabulous! I'd think of 101 other uses as well with that.


  37. Hi Amy,
    What a great idea, you did an incredible job of transforming that space, bet the "idiots" loved it!
    I can't believe you found some of that stuff on the curb - you're a good hunter!
    I hope you'll stop by sometime -
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  38. I just LOVE that galvanized box! Hope you have a FUN Wednesday!


  39. So cool.One day when we have a rec room,I want a bar.I can dream can't I,LOL.

  40. FUN bar area!!! I think I need to paint another bar!

  41. Oh that is an awesome idea. My parents have a piece in their garage I have always wanted to try that with~

  42. Curbside is my favorite place to shop...this was a great arrangement! Way to make your guests feel special.