Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog

I am a football fan.
HUGE football fan.
I even understand the game.
I do.
I could give a tutorial on football...
Important things all women should know about football.
Don't worry, I won't.
 Oh, but wait-
You should know this...
The cute guy on the team is usually the quarterback.
No, really.
It's like a pre-requisite or something.
Must. Be. Cute. To. Be. The. Quarterback.

Elway, Marino, Brady, Farve, Montana
Told you so.

Anyway, love football.
And REALLY love Iowa Hawkeye Football.
So tonight my dear bloggy friends I will be away.
My Hawkeyes are playing in the Orange Bowl.
Can I get a, "Go Hawkeyes"???

Monkey in Aug. '09
Patiently waiting for football season!

Really, don't be sad that I'm gone tonight.
You wouldn't want to be around me.
I yell.
I kick.
I have been known to throw stuff. 
Our poor doggies hide when we watch the games at home. 
They do.
They run upstairs and hide in the closets.

I think Monkey's first words might have had something to do with the Hawkeyes...
I won't repeat them.
They aren't nice.
And would definitely get us a phone call from his teacher if he ever said them at Preschool!
It's not his fault.

Monkey 8 Months Old

So you see, you don't want me around tonight.
Unless, you are an Iowa Hawkeye fan...
In that case---

See you tomorrow.
Wish my Iowa Hawkeyes luck.
Unless you are a Georgia Tech fan...
in that case, YOU are the enemy today. 



  1. We LOVE football too! My hubby got his masters at Ga. Tech. but he doesn't have that much loyalty to them. But we are HUGE SEC fans. So, we're psyched for Bama playing on Thursday night.

    Go Hawkeyes!

  2. Oh you crack me up! I understand the game, and prefer it to basketball. However, I like the fights and am more of a UFC girl. Which in itself is hysterical! Jade hasn't watched it much this year - so I'm not in the loop. But we've been known to order the PPV fights & even have people over. We're ridic I know! I seriously want to go to Vegas to see a fight - I know I'm insane! Anyway - have fun & good luck to the Hawkeyes!

  3. LOL, Amy! I completely understand. Well, not completely, but I do. Your husband must enjoy your devotion to a football team. And I find that passion for college teams outlasts most passion for NFL teams.

    I was a big football fan, too. Packers. But once my son got old enough to impede our ability to really concentrate on the game -- for the full 3 hours -- I sacrificed myself for the good of my husband. I took charge of keeping my son occupied enough so my husband could follow the game. After a few years of this, I find myself unable to recover, fully, my former enthusiasm for the game. I mention this as a tale of caution . . . beware the little guy!

    Good point about QBs. I would have to add the oft injure, but very handsome Trent Green to the list. But let us not forget the coaches. Here in Washington, we just said goodbye to Jim Zorn. Not a good head coach, but he sure was easy on my eyes. I also hold a secret (well, now public) "thing" for Jeff Fischer from Tennessee. My husband just rolls his eyes . . .

    Good luck with your Hawkeyes!

  4. We just moved away from small town Iowa! Now we're in medium town South Dakota. :) Go Hawkeyes!

  5. Good luck to your team!!

    Tom Brady...YES!


  6. Ok. So we watch the Super Bowl every year as an excuse to have Super Bowl Nachos with the boys AND to, of course, watch the Million-Dollar commercials - show business, ya know.

    BUT, I would love to KNOW the rules of the game - from a woman's point of view, so I can understand what the heck is going on too!!! Not just numbers on the Big Screen....


    so, if you feel so inclined, feel free to post the basics or email them direct...inquiring minds would like to know...or maybe not?

  7. So from what I see you get to watch football in a newly painted fancy living room. You have fun. It is the same here for ACC basketball. Gotta love those Blue Devils and it gets loud and mean too. :)
    Enjoy it

  8. Yes... Go Hawks!

    We're having a little party tonight to cheer on the Hawkeyes, too. :)

    Your little guy is adorable done up in all his Iowa gear.

  9. I wandered over here from Thrifty Little Blog and had to comment. I, too, adore football and every time my team (Georgia Bulldogs) has had a cute QB, we've done well. This year, our main guy has a good heart, but looks a bit scary (red head with practically invisible eyebrows, translucent skin and big teeth), and we had a not-so-hot year. Now I know the secret!

    P.S. - Georgia Tech is our big rival, so let me just dish out a very healthy good luck to your team tonight!

  10. Go Hawkeyes! And you are right. All quarterbacks Are good looking! I never noticed before! :)
    Have Fun!

  11. YAY! Girls that love football rock! Girls that love and UNDERSTAND football rock even harder!!! You forgot one hot quarterback... Ben Roethlisberger - sure he's burly but he's a cutie!!!

    I'm so ready for the Championship game this Thursday I could pop!

  12. WOW...you *are* a football fan...I'm impressed...you *know* who Joe Montana is...I'm just now (finally)learning to watch fb with my hubby...it's taken me awhile:)...How about those broncos?!
    Have fun!

  13. Your little guy is just plain a.dor.a.ble!!! Love that picture of him sitting on his chair! And you crack me up!

  14. Too funny! We are a Cyclones household but since we won our bowl game, we are being good sports and cheering for the Hawks today!

  15. We love football here too! Our college, the U.of Montana made it to the national championship game but lost :(!

  16. i'm much like my sister. i prefer football vs. basketball. but i really grew up to WWF! haha Stone Cold Steve Austin, was really where it was at for me. pretty ridic for a 10 year old girl, i know, but i couldn't wait for monday night RAW!

    have fun tonight!


  18. I am not a big football fan, but I know plenty of people that are. Hope your guys win tonight. I am a baseball fan....a Cubs fan to be exact. No, don't feel bad for me. I love my boys...and one of the rules for the Cubs is that you have to be cute to even be on the team. Ugly players don't last long in Chi town!

  19. You're right! Quarterbacks are often goodlooking. The guy all the cheerleaders want to date!
    I was looking at your blog with my husband tonight and he says that your little "gift" to your husband wasn't much of a gift. And he doesn't want one. :)

  20. Thanks for your comment! Your little boy is so cute! I need to get one of those outfits for my little guy!

  21. Best of luck to your team! I think the QB is usually the cutest, too! Say, can you throw a good football, too??? ;)

  22. What a cutie! And I am a huge football fan as well, although we cheer for UVA. I am a big time Redkins an and after a humiliating year, I am so excited about the hire of Mike Shanahan.

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. Your little guy is destined to be a quartback with those looks. What a doll!

  24. Love football too! It's about to be the nail-biting time of the season for me- playoff's. Hope your team had a great game!

  25. You're sooo funny and remind me of my bff, she does this exact same thing, and she calls my husband during the game to discuss plays that were made etc.. LOL I threatened to take her husband shopping during the game since he doesn't watch football. ;)
    Your little monkey is adorable!!!!! Looks so cute in his little football uniform. ;)
    Hugs ♥ Teresa

  26. What a cutie pie! My husband would love you. It's like a special day when I sit though a football game with him:)

  27. You are too funny! I'm living in Buckeye country and I came from a USC family. It's gotten ugly lately LOL

    I found you via a comment you left over at Funky Junk Interiors and you said you wished people would comment more. So lovely to meet you :)


  28. We are huge football fans too. Love college football the best and have been season ticket holders at FSU for years. We also get the NFL ticket which hurts me to pay but my husband loves it. Congrats on winning. We can't wait for tonights football game. So glad that Alabama beat Florida!

  29. Way to go Hawkeyes!!! Fun blog... found you through Barb at simplyiowa. Always good to see other Iowa folks with a love for vintage things. Thanks for sharing... Polly Ann

  30. i just lol-ed through that whole post! i yell at the TV too...it could happen to anyone. luckily my husband is crazier than me so he doesn't mind!

  31. Amy, thank you so much for coming to my new adventure in blogland I must say I am having fun with it, I really appreciate your visit, Kathysue

  32. Oh - those pics of Monkey are TOOOO adorable!! What a cutie patootie! And I'm sure you've been teaching him "new" things to say about the Hawkeyes! Ha!

  33. I put up my gold leaf tutorial and gave you a little nod. Just an FYI. :)