Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake???

Have you ever encountered those moments where you stop and think-
Holy Cow!  I'm a parent.
I remember the first time we took Monkey out to Trick-or-Treat.
I felt like I was out of my body looking down on us...
It really hit me that I was 'the mom' now.

Over the past 4 years, there have been other 'I'm the mom now' moments...
and I just encountered one of them.

Monkey had his very first birthday party that included his little friends.
Until now, its just been family.
we were so excited.
He debated over his cake...
Batman?  Spiderman? 
Decisions, decisions.
Here is what he ended up with...

Didn't I do a good job?
...ordering the cake from our local bakery, that is.
I was a little concerned about the gray/silver icing.
It reminded me of the 'Steel Magnolia's'...
the armadillo groom's cake...

So the party was in full force.
Kids were running around, having a grand time.
Presents were opened.
It was time for the cake.
Took the picture of Monkey with his cake, lit the candle, sang the song...

Time to cut the cake.
No big deal.
Cut the cake.
Put a piece of cake on the plate.
Put some ice cream on the plate.
Put a spoon on the plate.
Give to kiddo.

Right.  Not so easy.
Turns out, I have no clue how to cut a cake. 
Um... my mom has always done it.
And Monkey has had cupcakes at his previous birthday parties...
But here I was...
it was my show now.

Oh, how I failed.
Some pieces were big, some were small...
What a mess.
Another mistake---
I gave the kids choices....
chocolate or white cake?
strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla ice cream?
From now on, its white cake/vanilla ice cream.

Oh the pressure.
The kids were crowding around me, tugging on my shirt
there were other moms there (probably laughing at me)
My mom and dad were there... NOT helping
Poor Hubs was scooping the ice cream, and trying to keep me calm.

Fortunately, the kids loved the cake
everyone survived...

Party number two was rolling around... the one for family.
This time, we just got a simple little cake from the bakery.

Several family members ended up sick, party postponed.

Now what to do with the cake???
I sat and looked at this stupid cake.
I probably even swore at it.
Know what I did???
I cut it up.
Yes I did.
I cut it up.

Even without the pressure, I still couldn't get the pieces to end up in equal sizes...
Oh well, we ate it anyway.

We finally got to have the family birthday party last weekend...
what to know how the cake turned out?
Forget it, we went to the local pizza parlor!

On a sidenote--- I was so frazzled after the cake incident at the friends party,
that I forgot to hand out the goody bags.
Real nice.

Note to self-
Cupcakes for Monkey's Birthday party next year.



  1. Oh that's hilarious! Aubrie turned 4 in December, but we stuck with the family only party this year. I'm betting next year - this will all change. I kind of dread it - isn't that awful!! I too have those out of body moments when I realize I'm a Mom - it's weird how that happens :)

  2. Holy Millions of Followers, Batman! Looks like the word got out! Congrats!

    My son is 9 and I still keep thinking this isn't really happening . . . the "me as the adult" thing. I think the cut up cake looks great!

  3. To cut the cakes, first cut the whole cake in half, then cut each half in half, etc. MUCH easier to eyeball a "half" cut...of course, this is for sheet cakes. You're doing great as a mom!

  4. Ok, the Armidillo Grooms Cake things cracks me up...I thought I was the only one that thought of things like that! And all Monkey will remember throughout all his birthdays was that his Mom made him feel special with a party...cake or no cake. ~mary~

  5. Now Amy, no one really cares if the pieces are all the same size. Anyways, I always have people coming up to me - "can I just have a sliver" and "I don't want a corner piece" and "can I have lots of icing, please". Oh, and I discovered dixie cups for the ice cream - no mess and only one flavor. Perfect.
    By the way, you are doing a wonderful job as "mommy"...


  6. You are so funny!!! I know what you mean! I'm still scratching my head that people consider me an adult, let alone a wife and mother. I still feel like I'm 16! And I'm 46!!!! And don't even get me started on people calling me "mam"! WOOOO!

    Mine are 9 and 6 and sometimes it's cakes, sometimes it's cupcakes, some times it's cookies, really big ones!!!! Depends on what time of the month the birthday party is going to land on!!!LOL!

    BTW, if you ever have a cake you don't know what to do can freeze it, cut up or not!!!! I just found out!!!

    Excellent cutting job!!!!


  7. definitely are a real mom...having all those real worries that come when the realization hits.

    I have a sister who is the cake cutter. No one else will do it. We tell her she is the best.

    There will be a jumble of birthdays and later you will always remember the best things about them. Monkey will, too.


  8. My son's 3rd birthday party is next weekend... I think there are going to be about 15 kids there (which I think is a lot).

    I stick with cupcakes... ones that I make (using the box and stuff... it is certainly not "homemade" by any means). I like making them, plus the ones at the store tend to have way too much icing...

    Anywho... it sounds like the party worked out great in the end... As long as the kids were happy then it was a success!

  9. You are doing GREAT.
    The End.

  10. Too funny! We have a 5-year-old birthday coming up on Monday. Still waiting for Daddy to figure out what he wants to do. I will definitely suggest cupcakes!

  11. You're right - why is it so darn hard to cut cake equally? Doesn't matter what shape it is either.

    We don't have kids yet but I have a lot of moments where I this something other almost 30 year olds are doing? When do I start acting like an adult ;o)

  12. Yeah. Cupcakes all the way. We had to whisper Happy Birthday to P because he was embarrassed....ahh motherhood!

  13. Yes, go with cupcakes!! Very cute Transformers cake though...and really you are probably the only one who noticed the different sized pieces.

  14. Cute Cake!!! Who cares who made it and I always liked the cake cut in different sizes. That way I would take the biggest piece.

  15. Hello fellow Iowan. As my girls get older, I realize the things I fretted about, they do not remember. They'll remember the awesome cake and they got what they wanted. Period. I fought with my brothers constantly over who gets a bigger piece and so do my girls- but in their hearts, they are glad to have a cake and someone to fight with. Even if they don't realize it til they get older.

    Glad to find your blog!

  16. OHMYGOSH, I'm laughing here! No pressure next year w/ cupcakes!
    Thanks for saying 'Hi' @ my blog so I could find yours, Amy!
    Have a Happy-No-Pressure weekend,

  17. Cupcakes are so much easier. When I was teaching kindergarten, I hated it when parents would bring in a honking birthday cake that I had to cut up for a bunch of 4 or 5 year olds. We would have so much cake, make such a mess and most of it was wasted. When kids are involved, you always do what is easy. Love the picture of the bee zooming in on your flower. Have a great day! Tammy

  18. Oh I have blog envy.. is that snow on your flowers in your header???? Love it!! I just looked at your last few posts.. are those tapers in the snow???? Girl I love your personality!!!!
    Oh and I have been a Momma for over 25 years and still have no idea what in the heck I am doing most of the time!!!! Hang in there!!!

  19. Lol!!!!! Had a real laugh - thank you! I often have those 'Oh Gosh' moments...
    Blessings and magic.