Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please... I'm Craving Cute Shoes!

We are getting hit.
Everything is covered...

in ICE!
Clearly, Mother Nature is still ticked off.

I won't complain...
I won't.
But I just would like to send a message along to Mother Nature...
plead to her...Woman to Woman.


NO, not these...
Yes, they have kept my toes warm...
They were stylish a few months ago...
they were.
Now they are beaten down.
They are tired.
They want to take a rest.

I have these cute little things...
just sitting in the closet...

Chocolate and Turquoise peep-toe....
Actually, it's only fair to tell you that we are in a fight.
Last time we went on a date...
I slipped them off my feet, reached into my purse...
and pulled out turquoise beaded flip flops...

These little babies took great offense.

I tried to explain that while, yes... they are super cute-
I was standing... for a party...on a slight slant...
(Not to mention it was my 15th Year Class Reunion)

You see, Mother Nature, I need to make up with my little pretties.
Even if it is a quick run to the grocery store...
I NEED to wear these shoes.
And all the other little pretties sitting in the closet...
missing their momma.

Please get over your tantrum quickly.


I'm joining Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday!


  1. Those are cute shoes! Your pictures are beautiful. Your blog header is spectacular. And I need to go pull out my pair of hot pink 'bootlets' ( I'm not sure what to call them, they aren't boots, and they aren't strictly heels....) to wear!

  2. Cute post. Those shoes are amazing! Here's hoping you get to wear them soon!

  3. Pictures of the snow are beautiful...but I too wish winter away for the same reason...I hate wearing socks...and I love flip-flops. Uggs only take you so far.

  4. MMM, those are to die for shoes. I hear ya sister, the FUGGS (fake uggs) are getting old!

  5. You made us laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope you'll be able to wear them soon, and NOT to the store!!

  6. Amen. I'm all for cute shoes and warm weather. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

  7. I'm in a fight with all my heels right now LOL

    Yours sure are cute though :)


  8. Thanks for stopping and entering my giveaway!! I'm soooo tired of it being so cold. Love the cute shoes.. I'm ready for my flip flops again.

  9. Hey Amy!
    I am with you! Forget the shoes...I want to go barefooted!!! So much for a 'mild' winter.... We are getting ready for a show, this weekend... Wouldn't ya just know it???
    Stay warm and safe!
    Barb C.

  10. haha, ice is so pretty stuck to the trees!
    the worst is being two seconds away from taking a chain saw to your windshield to get the ice off.
    or not being able to get in your car at all. Yep, I've been there....
    Then again, it WAS my choice to live so close to Canada =P

  11. I'm sick of my boots, too. Especially b/c mine are Ugg(ish) but they are LACE UP! What was I thinking? What a total pain in the rear! I commend you for wearing those smokin' heels. I can't even fathom that... I'm a complete snooze when it comes to footwear.

  12. I'm so sick of wearing boots and layers of clothing! Oh, to throw on a tank top, a skirt, and some flip flops!!!

  13. Yes cute shoes are in order. Actually just ready for spring... if only my body was....

    Cute Heels!


  14. Oh my goodness I am so with you!!
    And those shoes are HOT!!

  15. HA! You are so funny. I'd rather wear the boots. There was a time, 80's - early 90's, when I did the heels, but no longer can I take them. Ugh! I go for cute and comfortable for sure. And even thought its barely cold here, I insist on wearing boots and some winter apparel. It just doesn't seem right not to. Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Tammy

  16. Cute post and shoes! I could never wear them, my poor feet would be hurting. But, i am really ready for spring or summer to come.

  17. LOL! I cannot resist saying what everyone says when they're not living in it: "Well, it's pretty!"

  18. I saw your comment on "The House That Jade Built" and loved the name so here I am. I saw your picture and knew immediately where you were from. My husband's face book post is "Watching an Ice Storm In Iowa,' He is currently there for a training session with his new company. So now I can tell him I saw pictures. Wow! Love the shoe post. I was just in a shoe store yesterday looking at clearance sandals. . . dreaming.
    Sincerely, From a Northern Canadian who understands.

  19. Great pictures! And I am super jealous of those shoes. Man, I can't wait for spring!!

  20. Your mouth to "her" ears - did you hear that Mother?
    We're waiting!! (picture a very heavily covered toe tapping here)!

  21. He's in Des Moines for the week, with Pioneer Seed. Yup he's in Agriculture. You'll read about him as The Agronomist. Take Care!

  22. I have the same sad looking pair of snow boots :( So ready for spring!!

  23. Looooove the shoes. I've been prancin' around in my 3" heels all winter out of pure denial, but it's definitely treacherous on ice. And mine are closed toe which helps in the MN winters!!

  24. Great post and I loved your comment on Restyled Home...hope you get some Vitamin D! ;)

    Kat :)

  25. Hey just so wish I could get me some of those cold & icy days...we are battling HOT ( & I Mean HOT) weather here 38-45deg C so can only dream of snuggling my feet in cosy ugg like boots!!! There is a reason for every season!!! Love your blog! TK from Australia xx

  26. so funny!!! Yes, I too would love to get back into my heels and cute sandals....but it snowing and me being in Canada, not really happening right now. Also, I'd like to not have "baby evidence" on me. Right now, I am in coffee shop enjoying some me time and realizing that I have throwup stains on my black turtleneck! :) heheh

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my new hutch. I am very proud of it! :)