Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She Must Be Stopped

Oh, she is a beauty.
Mother Nature, that is...

(Taken in my backyard tonight)

But, she sure is wicked.
Somebody (probably a man) has really ticked her off.
I sure hope he apologizes soon...



  1. LOL! Great post! Hope we get to see some photos of your labs.

  2. Yep, I have 6 new inches in my front yard on top of the many, many I had already. :( And the wind. Oh, the wind. Ugh.

  3. LOL love it! You are one clever girl. :)

    And that is a beautiful pic!


  4. Ahhh, snow. A pain, but makes for beautiful pics! You should make snow ice cream!

  5. LOL!! Love your photo, and I totally agree with you, we have icy roads here, no snow, just clear, smooth, total your car kind of ice. Had to have been a man. ;)
    Hope you can enjoy looking at the snow from the inside by the fire girlie girl.
    Big hugs ♥ Teresa

  6. I don't like the weather either. I am from Florida and I am not liking this snow up here in northern Kentucky. My son started back to school Monday (after a 6 month absence) and he has had 2 snow days this week. He loves it:) Stay warm.

  7. I agree - we have even more coming here! I wish my job had snow days!

  8. LOL. Probably was my husband. He ticks me off all the time!

  9. I agree! I am so ready for warmer days. Yesterday morning we started out in the upper thirties, and you know, it actually felt pretty good. Now today we're back down in the twenties, and everything is frozen, and it is COLD. Come on Spring!

  10. Undoubtedly a man ticked Mother Nature off. Really ticked her off. We don't have snow, but cold, very cold, for East Texas.

  11. haha! I know what you mean!! It's snowed every single day here for a week and a half! Unfortunately, road crews don't seem to like keeping up. :| hmmm....

  12. What a beautiful picture! I'm sick of the snow, too. We got tons last night and more today - and I still had to take my boys to school! I couldn't believe it wasn't cancelled...


  13. THAT IS SO CUTE!!! I am not a fan of snow. I think it's pretty coming down for about 3 minutes, then reality kicks in!

  14. I do not recall signing up to live in Antarctica....

  15. I love the photo! I thought it was a cake at first glance!

  16. Ooohhh...I'm impressed! That is an awesome photo! Someone pass Mother Nature the Midol, I am ready for her to be over it. ~mary~

  17. Amy,
    How cute putting candles in the snow. I also love your blog header picture.

  18. Beautiful picture! You know what they say, a cold, snowy winter makes for a pretty spring. One can only hope...

  19. I hate the snow, but what a gorgeous picture! We just got home from a week in Florida, and yuck....I hate the subzero temps!

  20. Please send Mother Nature this way, we havent gotten any snow this winter :(
    The movie was great, Im going to go see it again !
    Happy Weekend :)

  21. Amy that is amazing snow and really beautiful!

    Stay warm & many blessings to you. ~Melissa :)

    PS Stop by my blog sometime. You're always welcome!

  22. "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...." careful what you wish for, huh?

    Ok. So the holidays are OVER. Get on with Spring already.

    I'm in So. Oregon and we've only gotten dusted once so far. I'm sure Winter's not over yet, though. It snowed on our daffs last Spring!

    I love your photo. Before I read the post, I thought it was candles in a bubble bath....was actually trying to figure out how you had them in the bubbles..???


  23. Amy- what an amazing photo and above all, what an amazing photo idea.

    I LOVED what you wrote-

    Mother Nature does seem to be out of sorts!