Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vanilla With Red Sprinkles!

So you know that Hubs painted for me...
a nice, lovely shade of...

I know!
I know...
But here is the thing-
I've been doing some decorative soul searching
I checked books out of the library
I poured through magazines
I stalked your blogs

It finally dawned on me.
I LOVE color.
I do.
I am easily seduced by it
and this is a big one---
I get bored easily.

I like to change things...
So, when I'm seduced by a color and paint it on a wall...
I get stuck.
I will love it
...for awhile
then, when I get bored and want to change things around...
I can't
It won't flow with my wall color.

I was so proud of myself for coming to this conclusion
my mom spelled it out for me...
As I was getting ready to tell HER...
SHE told me
"Amy, you should paint your walls a light neutral.  You have all your pretty things that you like to put out and change all the time."

Of course Mother knows best...
Gosh Mom...
Why didn't you tell me this before?
(how about 4 wall colors ago)

Wonder when she's going to tell me what I should be when I grow up?

So, the last time I painted,
I went with a light blue...
loved the whole blue/brown look...

Today, I'm feeling RED
Perhaps in honor of Valentines Day.
Give me a month, and I'll be bored again...
But for now-
I'm going with this---

Do you see Hub's Vintage golf clubs?
Homemade apothecary jar with buttons.

The whole vignette.
Forgive the magnetic letters.
Monkey is learning how to spell and when he discovered
this metal box was magnetic, he took it over!

Oh look, I made something!

The blue was lovely for the first two months...

Same spot- I brought out my crusty window. 
I forgot how much I love this window!

My little red and white chippy chair from when I was younger.
And the picture hanging is Monkey
 when he was about 5 weeks old. 

So... there it is.
My new, vanilla walls with red sprinkles.
This girl couldn't be happier!

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  1. Oh really cute! My walls are mostly shades of tan...some are actually quite dark shades of tan. I do have one blue room (the guest bedroom) I am okay with it because we never go in there...and my living room is green...I haven't even finished painting the trim and I am wanting to either do a red or an orange (like a classy yet funky orange) I have the blue/brown thing going on too...I just want to shake it up a bit.

    I really love your vanilla with sprinkles of red!!

  2. You crack me up. Love your new vanilla walls! I am the same way - always moving things around.

    Hmm... now I'm craving cupcakes...

  3. Love the look!!
    Ladybug Creek

  4. I think everything is just great looking. I love your style and I love your name.

    God bless...Amy

  5. Love it. I like your burlap wreath too girl.
    I did and am doing the same thing. I used to love color- goldish walls and also a few cranberry walls. But I wanted simplicity. I wanted to walk into my home and feel the feeling I feel when I look at Atlanta Barlett books- oh ahhh calm.
    So, I eventually want white walls but have to ease into it (especially with 4 kids -3 being dirty boys). So, all my walls (except kids rooms) are going Cup of Cocoa. A very light tan.
    I get to finish the stairwell this week. Hubby did all the high parts before he left in December so the rest is mine..Then I get to paint the family room from cranberry with white wainscotting to nice tan..I think it will be an amazing transformation. Can't wait.

  6. Love it! Great idea mom! Now you can change it up whenever the mood strikes, without making the hubby paint!

  7. I am so with you on the vanilla! My husband says the walls were starting to close in on him because I have painted them so many times. So right before Xmas I started going pure white in some rooms...vanilla in others. Just because I can't make up my mind if I try to go with a color! Ugh! I think I have decorating A.D.D. Oh, and I LOVE the red touches...beautiful! ~mary~

  8. I lovelovelove it!! I currently have a turquoise bathroom. And although I know that color is all the rage right now, I just can't get over the urge of wanting to just Throw a bucket of paint on the walls in some attempt to get that color outta there!!! Let me put it this way- color, in small doses works for me! ;) I have decided to go light neutral in there so the wall color doesn't clash with my decor... which changes every month or so...(do you know how hard it is to put Christmas in a turquoise room??)
    You've motivated me to get in gear and just get this done!!

  9. Love the vanilla walls! I couldn't agree more about color on the walls. I'm so sick of my choclate brown's on the agenda as my next project, however I have already been seduced by Gray.

  10. Mmm..vanilla. Love the toile hat boxes too!

    : )

    Julie M.

  11. love the red!!!
    i am so like you too... things change all the time ~

  12. Oh - mother knows best!

    But ... when you feel the need for another change ... and you will ... just go a shade or two darker than the vanilla. IMHO :-) Been there!

  13. Forgot to say that I love all your fun decor!

  14. LOL Oh yeah I totally get it. I once painted my walls the perfect shade of sage but 2 days later, I had to let it go.

    Welcome to the Colourless Wall Club. But I was here first. ;)


  15. I love your walls with all the red accents sprinkled in. You still pretty much have a neutral backdrop and can add just about any color to the scheme of things. Gorgeous! I painted our tv room pale yellow, hallway light blue, living/dining room a light taupe, other hallway a pale green and our bedroom a sage green, then the kids bedroom a darker blue. I love color too. Yet when I visit lovely shabby blogs with cream and white, I love that too! So hard to figure things out. I think because I live in a blah country, I need to live in a vibrant space. I'm like you, always needing to change things up. Thus, the cleaning spree and rearranging of the living room. That makes me happy (for a few months anyways)! Have a great day and thanks for visiting! :) Tammy

  16. Love the vanilla walls. It looks great.

  17. I love it! I feel the same way, that's why we painted our bathrooms off white and then we can change up the decor when I get bored! :-)

  18. That looks beautiful! I'm the same way, constantly changing my mind. I'm not sure how many different times I've painted my living room. When we first moved in, our house was painted contractor white. A shade of off white, a very pale tan. I hated it! I wanted color! My living room started out a dark sage green, then I got tired of that and painted it a lighter sage green, then I got tired of that, and painted it an even lighter shade of sage green. I thought it looked like vomit! So I painted it a very pale grey-blue. Love it! My kitchen and dining room started out a dark tan. Then I got tired of that, and painted it an off white. The very same color that the contractors put in. The color I said I hated! But now I love it! I guess I'm not as colorful as I thought! :)

  19. Great blog - I just found you!! I too, live in a Cottage Home - don't you love it? I can totally relate - with two girls under two - things aren't nearly as tidy as they used to be at The Cottage Home.

  20. I love that little corner in your house and I thing the metal trunk and the old window are just gorgeous!

  21. Oh Amy, it looks so young, fresh and cozy at the same time! Great job, girl! Can't wait to see what the next color will be....

  22. Hi Amy. I have nominated you for a Kreativ blog award and would love for you to go to my All Things Home site and check out the details.

    Again, I say, I love checking out your decor style. You do an amazing job.

    God bless. Amy

  23. You have a great blog. I also nominated you for an award. Come on by.

  24. Love the back drop of yummy vanilla. I use a deeper shade but my entire lower level and hall is the same but I never feel limited. Yes, Mom's are usually right. Darn Moms. But we are Moms too! Yeah!!!!

    My cake plate would look great on your table, little touch of red!!


  25. I absolutely *LOVE* it! I too am in love with color, but you wouldn't be able to tell that by the color of my walls! I just love color too much to commit to a backdrop, it's great to switch stuff out.

    Vanilla with red sprinkles sounds yummy and it looks yummy too! Great job! This post is tempting me to go from sand to vanilla...

  26. ...and the little magnetic letters add just that needed bit of color!

    Too cute! Let's you know there's a kiddo in the house!!! SO REAL!!! Love that part!

  27. Amy,

    Love the red! Always nice to spice things up a bit! Thanks for visiting me!


  28. I really like it! I agree, neutral is great because then you can pop in color seasonally, or when the mood strikes. I tend to do reds in the fall/winter, then by spring I'm ready for robin's egg blues. I like how a little bit of Valentine's cheer shines through, too!!

  29. I know what you and your mom are saying...yup, I do. I was kindof thinking about the same thing.....but, I like you, am a COLOR girl. I don't think I could live with white walls again. Instead I guess I'll have to suffer with painting and painting again when I change my mind. Much of my house is dark except for little bits of time in the day. I need some color...hmmmm, BUT I KNOW that what you are saying makes sense!! Your rome loks nice.

  30. You have a very beautiful home Amy!

    I do always adore the warmth of red. :)

  31. Never been a fan of plain walls, but gotta say I love yours. It really does allow everything else to pop. Looks great!

  32. love the whole thing. seriously, the whole thing. and I love that you have a monkey too. Moms and their monkeys. Love em.

  33. SOOOO fabulous!

    It's amazing what punches of color can do!

    New to your blog...and soon to be a follower!

    Thanks so much!

  34. I'm with you, on the color thing and changing things up often! :) I like to do the same! Love your burlap wreath, it is so cute! Great vignette! ~Rhonda :)

  35. What cute vignettes! I love those toile round boxes. The red accents make everything really pop! Thanks for sharing.

  36. You have a very sweet blog. I do like your vignettes very much. Well, I am trying to live with my khaki walls, but everytime I place something in front of them I wonder how much better it would look with color behind it. :)

  37. I totally agree, being in love with color is what got me an orange hallway! lol Love your style!

  38. Great job, Honey!! Your french door gave me an idea for a french door panel that we have from my MIL. I'll bring it into the Dining room and make a vignette and give you props when I show it. Texas love to ya!

  39. Beautiful!

    I am actually thinking of changing the color of my living room walls -- shhhhh! don't tell my husband, he's not ready to know this yet. They are a cream-in-coffee color right now -- and have been for a few years -- it used to seem cozy, now it's seeming dark and gloomy.

    Standby for an SOS from my husband!

  40. That picture of your baby is precious. Love the chippy window...and the red looks so great!

  41. gorgeous.
    and you know how i love cupcakes.

  42. Amy - I'm so glad you found me so I could find you back!! Love your blog and have spent enjoyable moments getting to know you and your hubs and your monkey!
    Love your beautiful home and the vanilla walls - perfect choice for your pretty little chair and window!

    PS - I really love football too, and basketball and softball pretty much in that order! Isn't it great to shock some people and know about such things like RBI's and who won the Heisman last year (and man, am I glad he's a senior - he's nice and all - but I am so tired of hearing about the T-Man and all those other names they use to "glorify" him with) - I'm done now!

  43. The arrangement is great. I lvoe the pops of red. And those magnectic letters are perfect. It shows the home is lived in and enjoyed by a little one.

  44. I love decorating with unique art like your old windows.

  45. Put together, funky - fun - touching and I loooovvvveee it all. The photo would make a great Valentine's Day card - I make cards - if you want a freebie - send me a photo via email and it's your's! Jennifer

  46. How did you make the great wreath? I love it! Jennifer

  47. Love it! I'm dying to paint our walls that are currently taupe. It's beautiful, I'm just tired of it.

  48. Good call with the neutral background! I'm the same way about color, I get bored easily and love to switch things out so neutrals it was for me :).

  49. Wow - I love that long window frame and the wreath hanging on it. Shows me all that I could be doing with my white walls (renting and can't paint). :o)

  50. You room looks more like what I expect your tastes to be like now (judging from accessories), and it looks great. Love the baby pic of your son...too cute.

    Nice job with vignette. Thanks for sharing.

    Vignette Wednesdays

  51. Oh be still my beating heart over that door and wreath... gorgeous!