Saturday, January 23, 2010

Supermarket Chic!

Hubs used to buy me flowers in the beginning of our relationship.
...then we went almost 2 years without flowers.

He overheard me telling a girlfriend that I don't waste money on flowers...
because I cut them out of my gardens.
Hubs got it, and now comes home frequently with little bouquets from the supermarket.

Now, I have nothing against big, formal arrangements.
I love them.
I do.
However, I love to have fresh flowers all over my house.
Most spaces in my very informal house would look a little strange with elaborate arrangements.

When I got home from the tax office today...
there were two, sweet little supermarket bouquets waiting for me!
Thanks Hubs.

I love to arrange them in glass vessels...
but sometimes...
I like to use things out of the ordinary.

In my pretend life, when I'm not being a RockStar...
I own a flower shop.
... I wish!

What was the grocery store selling today?
Mini- carnations.
Quit being a flower snob!
Carnations last forever, and smell lovely.
So, knock it off.
Quit giving them a bad rap!

 I cut them, divided them...
...and I present...
Supermarket Chic (or cheesy)

Start with two $4.00 bouquets...

Add them to a glass dish with shells.
(This will go in the Master bedroom.)

I use baby food jars ALL the time!

A closer view of the flowers.

Sitting in Monkey's first pair of Chuck's.
...on top of the dryer.
Adds a smile to my face when doing such a dastardly chore!
(again in a baby food jar)

Found an old flour sifter at a garage sale.
Free box!
It normally sits outside and holds flowers in the summer.
Line the sifter with a zip-lock, add water and flowers!
This is now sitting in the bathroom.
Love the crusty, rusty against the silver and white!

Two little baskets that hang on a side of a cabinet in the kitchen.
25 cents for both baskets... oh, how they need spray paint!
Line the basket with a zip-lock bag, and add water and flowers!

Look what was harvested at the farm today!
This will go up to Monkey's room. 
Will he give a hoot if there are flowers in his room?
But, I'll enjoy them!

And there you have it!

Do you ever buy flowers from the supermarket???


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  1. I never think to pick up flowers. When I see beautiful and creative arrangements such as yours, I want to run out right now and get some!! And baby jars? So clever!


  2. This makes me want to go get some right now! So simple and adorable! I love how har you made these two bouquets go!

  3. Amy~~~

    You did an awesome job with your bouquets. Carnations DO last forever!! Love the baby food jar idea! Totally cute!


  4. Cuteness! I don't do very well arranging flowers. Even the fakies aren't safe from my bad styling.

    Maybe I just need to buy some wee chucks :)

  5. I would totally buy flowers from your flower shop! I absolutely love love love the sand/shell arrangement!

  6. Very creative ideas! I like what you did to "spring" up your place!
    I do buy flowers at the supermarket, because I don't have them in my yard. I'll pick daisies out of the pasture at my sister's in summer, that is my favorite time! My mom always told me to get carnations because they last forever, too! I think they smell wonderful. Tulips are simple and usually pretty cheap in the grocery store, too.

  7. What a lovely post! I love all of your creative ways of displaying flowers.

    I've bought flowers at the super-market, too. While expensive arrangements are gorgeous, it's so much fun to make my own little groupings. I'm definitely gonna have to borrow some of your ideas. ;)

  8. I love carnations because they do last for at least a couple of weeks. I brought some home weeks ago from a large fancy bouquet that was sent her to school, put them in tiny vases and just had to toss them the other day. I love to spread them throughout the house;they are inexpensive so don't have to worry about the cost. I have a bunch of cheap little vases that have been tucked away in a drawer forever. I have been planning to buy carnations and separate them into all the vases for gifts to bring to my co-workers here at school. Maybe I'll do that this evening and bring them tomorrow since we are having clouds. Some pretty little flowers will help to brighten the day. Hope you are having a delightful and restful Sunday. Blessings :)Tammy

  9. Great ideas and thanks for reminding us not to be flower snobs when it comes to carnations. They really do last and aren't we all trying to stretch the dollar?

  10. I love supermarket flowers and actually had some in my basket yesterday but put them back when I realized I'd gone a tad over budget on some other things and when I got to really looking at the flowers, they weren't really as fresh as I thought! Buying from the grocery is one of my fave places though -

    Love how yours are arranged too - will have to remember some of those ideas!

  11. What cute way of arranging the flowers! Next time I pick some flowers up I will have to have some fun with them!

  12. Great idea to use the flowers all over your house instead of all in one vase. You could definitely have your own flower shop :)

  13. I enjoyed your flower arrangements! It should be fun to see what you share as spring and gardening season comes along!

  14. Yes! I love supermarket flowers! We have a really grand supermarket here in upstate NY. Can I say the name? Wegmans! They have the best of everything. Their flowers are amazing!

    I buy carnations, too! I'm not a flower snob! I bunch up same colored ones, cut them really short and put them in spice jars!

    I love yours!! They're all over the house! I'm doing that this week!

    Maybe I'll even post some pics!!!

    Btw, I love reading your prose style blog!!!


  15. I too have carnations all over my house today. I bought three bunches at the supermarket on Wed. and divided them in to small arrangements all over the house. And they do give you a big bang for your buck as they last forever. I love roses but they don't hang around very long.

  16. I love how you decorate with flowers..very creative use of sifter, I never thought of that! And I laughed out loud as I saw one on the shoe!!

  17. Love it! My husband brought home $5 daisies from HyVee two weeks ago and they still look perfect!

  18. i am the same way! anytime i'm at the store and flowers are 4.99 i always pick them up. they add a little something special to any room. and i too would love a flower shop. i tried to get a job at one in high school but no one would hire me! i don't know why not?!

  19. I used to work as a floral designer at a florist! Judging by your pictures, I think you'd fit in great!

    And although I worked at a florist, know those flowers are better, blah blah blah, I still buy them at the supermarket! I've even done wedding arrangements, boutineers (sp), and bouquets with supermarket flowers! Maybe they're not as top notch, but you can't beat the price!

  20. Hi there! I just stopped by to tell you that I have an award for you at my blog!...

  21. what cute ideas you have! thank you for stopping by my blog and for you sweet words! i am going back to your blog to look around some more it looks like so much fun! thanks again

  22. I love how you spread the flowers out around the house instead of doing them in one big clump! I may have to pick some up while out grocery shopping tomorrow!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog - I loved looking at yours!

  23. every single arrangement put a smile on my face. They are perfect and very creative. I don't know which one I would pick if I had to pick a favorite. I would much rather have one bouquet from the super market than an artificial flower arrangement any day, even if it is one single rose in a bud vase. Tell the Hubbs he did Great also, kathysue

  24. I love all the different ways you arranged your flowers. You are a very creative girl!!

  25. Oh Amy-
    Your arrangements are amazing!
    I love the baby food jar idea.

    My favorite grocery store flowers?
    Whatever is on sale!


  26. Amy, I never thought to use baby food jars! What a great idea! I love fresh flowers from anywhere! Sometimes the grocery store has the prettiest selection!

  27. You're right, they do last for ages, and I'd be happy as anything just with these in a plain old vase. But your use of them is wonderful - creative and humorous too!

  28. The baby food jar idea is killing me...I love it.......I love this whole post. Great job, Lana Austin

  29. Amy-I am with you on this!! I have to have fresh flowers somewhere in my house if possible. My husband sometimes brings Costco flowers--You can really split them up into a lot of rooms!!! Thanks for visiting!~

  30. I love fresh flowers too. Even from the grocery. More importantly than flowers - did you see the game?! Oh, I nearly cried.....


  31. I sometimes pickup bouquets at Aldis. Of all places - they always have some great flowers! You need to have a stern talking to with my husband - he never sends me flowers or picks them up. I keep telling him he needs to make it a habit so we can train our son to be more of a romantic fellow!

  32. very cool! My little guy is about to start baby food, you bet i'll be saving some jars! your arrangements are very pretty.

  33. I LOVE each and every idea you have for displaying flowers! Thanks for sharing!

  34. I LOVE your flower arrangements, and I think Carnations are beautiful! I really enjoy simple flowers. My home is also very informal, and I much prefer an inexpensive grocery store flower in a Mason jar to an elaborate, expensive floral arrangement. I haven't bought flowers from the store in a long time. You've made me want to pick some up this week! :)
    Hope you have a great day!! Beth.

  35. I used to buy myself a bouquet every 2 weeks. $5.99 or less. Strangley even WalMart now only has $10.99 bouquets and somehow that is too much money. :)

  36. That was a good idea - you get "happied up" no matter where you are in the house.

  37. Cute!! This is going to sound crazy...but I have always wanted my husband to come home from the grocery with a bouquet of "grocery store" flowers....maybe one day :)

    Oh and because of a last minute disaster and a lying bouquet for my wedding came from the grocery store :)

  38. i love that you put them in your little one's room! on the "haul" from out in the field. cute cute - idea.

    i've always wanted to do a carnation monogram. you know the ones that have been everywhere on blog land. they just look cute to me.

  39. Amy, I am a love of these mini carnations. They have a wonderful spicy smell and last for two weeks! I think the flowers in the sneeker is just adorable. Oh, now I want to buy flowers!

  40. Totally adorable.....I loved the little tennis shoes with charming.

    Warm blessings,

  41. Oh, Amy, I used to enjoy flowers from the supermarket, but then my husband and I embarked on what we termed, "The Year of Frugality." And where I saw cut flowers, I saw, instead, little $5 bills shriveling up and turning to mush. I know. I'm an all or nothing gal.

    I am working my way back to balance normalcy now. Thanks for the nudge.

  42. I do believe those little carnations just proved to everyone that they can hold their own when they have someone who can make them look so very special!
    Simple and perfect!

  43. Very sweet. I love fresh flowers. I think it was Kirstie Alley that decided to buy fresh flowers for her home and she spends the same amount per week that she used to spend on her drug habit. Much better use of $ if you ask me:)

  44. DEAR AMY,

  45. Love this post, and, yes, I do buy flowers often during the winter. This last Saturday my husband came home with a bunch of roses and carnations for me. I wasn't quite as creative as you are at spreading them throughout the house though. You've given me some inspiration there!

  46. Very cute. Love the tennis shoes and old sifter...


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  48. I love how you used them all over the house. On the rare occasion that I get flowers I just stick them in a vase on the table.
    And I much prefer supermarket bouquets to huge pricey florist arrangements!

  49. I also love fresh flowers all around the house! Love how you put them into the sneakers - very clever. you certainly were able to stretch 2 bouquets all around the house - great job!

  50. had to stop in and let you know how much i love your header to your blog! so colorful!

  51. I love fresh flowers too and there are so many things you can do with supermarket flowers!

  52. No flower snob here...I love carnations. The flowers in the shoes are adorable. Thanks for your visit and kind comments on my Ballard knock-off.

  53. Saw this again on Funky Junk, woo woo! Had to tell you again, great job. :)

  54. There are so many clever and useful ideas on this post! Thanks for sharing them.

  55. Such a beautiful touch of spring! I have a rusty sifter, too...I've been thinkin' about flowers in it...this confirmed it!

  56. So cute...I need to buy flowers more often, I love them!!

  57. Love the ideas! I've done daffodils in bee boots. Love the chucks! :) I may have to dig out my daughter's pink ones.

  58. It is clear that I am not the only one that thinks your blog is wonderful. Baby food jars? Really? ok. And I used to throw them away! I can see how handy they are. Tomorrow, and I am not kidding you, I am going out to buy some baby food. What a great idea!

  59. p.s. The flowers? Definitely Super Market Chic! Definitely!