Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Blog .... Blog? Here we go...

Okay friends-
Here we go, the first official post on the new blog...yikes!

So here I sit... wasting time at the computer!
Along with the usual BORING daily 'chores'... I need to get my butt in gear and PACK already. Okay, I don't need to actually put the clothes in the suitcase... but I should at least be putting them in piles, and checking them off of the list. (YES- I am a self-admitted LIST MAKER)
And who knows how many of the items 'on the list' are actually sitting in laundry baskets... clean? Doubtful- guess I really need to do some serious laundry.

I am blogging at the suggestion of friends and family... I have been 'journaling' for the past couple of years... the following is taken from a journal before our trip last year. Written by me on July 3, 2008-- hope you enjoy!

Dear Friends and Family-
Oh, the family vacation! Jackson is driving cross country to California with my parents this week. (because they are crazy!) And Jase and I are flying out at the end of the week. We have known about this trip for about three years, and yet it still snuck up on me. I have made lists, piles, more lists and still don't feel ready! I think the real kicker on this one, is that my STUFF, along with Jase's stuff is also leaving with my parents. We are flying out with ONLY ourselves...and, oh yeah, a bag full of goodies from Jaarsma's Bakery. While it will be nice having no luggage in an airport, it proved to be somewhat of a challenge for me. When I got down to the business of the actual packing, I did what any good mom would do...I cleared off the dining room table and taped the lists to the bathroom door. I thought the bathroom door idea was pretty clever...ya know, a spot that my husband was sure to see the lists. I taped it right at his eye level....can't open the bathroom without seeing THE LISTS! (or so I thought) I'm sure you know where this is heading. At some point into the packing (a few days later, that is) my dear husband finally noticed the list. It occurred to him that, by golly, we were going on a trip, and he needed to round some stuff up! I need to interject at this point that, normally, my husband is very helpful around the house. His mom raised him right! However, he started questioning the list..........can you imagine? Why do we need to take this? Why do we need to take that?....oh the nerve... sweet boy. Had I let him make the lists, we would have ended up several states away from home with just a pair of skivvies, some gatorade, and maybe a tent. And no, we would have NO use for a tent, as we are staying at hotels. Anyway- I charged ahead with the packing. I got Jack packed. His big bag of clothes, plus his 'hotel bag' that he will use while on the road....I packed his beach toys, his nebulizer, toy bin, books, crayons.....lawn chair. You name it, I packed it! I even had his pair of jammies ready to go that he is wearing tonight and the first several hours of his road trip tomorrow morning! Then I moved on to packing is where I reach the dilemma...I have to pack all my things and not see them again for 4 whole days. I'm sure you women understand this...what if I need my turquoise shirt with the scoop neck...or my white linen pants in these 4 days???....of course, we all know I won't need them...but what if I do??? Sigh. Oh well, I'll just wear a tee shirt around the house, my wedding ring, layer on the deodorant and call it good for 3 days, then on day 4, I'll put on my 'plane outfit' and be off. I know, I know....I have more clothes and a backup deodorant, but it's like a weird personal standoff with my 'stuff' I'm a victim...nothing to wear, all my 'stuff' is on a road trip across the country.
Can I also just tell you that I am doing a two week trip with only 4 pairs of shoes?!?!?!? Thank you! I know!!!!! It was very strategic outfit coordinating on my, the 4 purses, well, that just couldn't be helped! I will not sacrifice the right handbag in the name of travel!
Here is what is weird when packing for a vacation.......I started 'needing' things that I don't normally need. For instance, I packed a white headband...just in case. Just in case what? I don't wear headbands...sort of like, I packed all sorts of crazy make up that I won't use. Like all of a sudden I might need mint green shimmer eyeshadow...perhaps when I go to the beach??? Anyway, I packed myself, it's over.
On to my husband's crap. It's like this- shorts, skivvies, undershirts, polo shirts, flip flops, grooming junk- and we're good..........but no. We are going on this trip because we are going to the Elks National now I have to factor in, everything 'dress' for him. Shirts, ties, jackets, pants...etc. Okay fine. So I got him packed. And guess what dear sweet husband notices the suddenly, he is coming up with all sorts of stuff that he might need while away from home. Things like, a book. ??? Um, what? And then comes the golf socks. Hmmm...I'm pondering this. Why does one need their golf socks while going to a bunch of meetings and perhaps the beach? OH.............this idiot thinks he's gonna 'sneak' his golf clubs into the car. >>>>this is where you laugh<<<<>
Here, is when we reach another 'crossroads' of the packing process. See, it is our car that is making this voyage. Therefore, my husband will be packing our stuff.............but then....the car goes to my parents house, where now my dad will be adding their stuff. Yep, a manoff....a male standoff..........My dad versus my husband. Holy........okay, it didn't get too bad, why? Because my husband respects my dad and realized he was the one actually driving the car, so therefore, let him do it his way. Whew.
But then....we get to the actual 'staging' of all things Jackson inside the car. I have it figured in my head. I want him to sit here, his toys are there, the cooler is here, my mom is there..........not so. My mom has her own ideas. So, here we go again! Of course, I'm not as cooperative as my husband, so my mom and I have a well...uh, do I dare say, a disagreement. :) Of course, I know she will change it all around, as she should! After all, she is the one making the three day journey on the road with my child. She'll just let me think its being done my way. She's the best!
Well, I guess we're all packed. My baby and parents are leaving very early in the morning. What will I do for 4 days? Of course I'll worry a lot, miss them a lot. I do have a includes cleaning, sleeping in, a pedicure....doing things that are hard to do with a two year old running around....will that happen? Who knows. I'm just glad that damn packing process is over! I'm not going to think about it again....well, until it is time to come home!
I say all of this with love, I am thrilled to be going on this trip. I am excited to attend the convention with my husband. I am giddy to go to Disneyland and Sea World and view all things great through the eyes of my child....I thank all of you parents that hauled us around when we were kids! I'm on the other end, and now realize what it takes to go on that 'great family vacation'. I wish you all a fun and safe 4th of July holiday. I will be sure to tell Mickey and Shamu 'hi'.........
Until next time,
PS- do you really think I won't have a carry on bag for the plane? I bet I end up realizing that I might need to take more shoes, a different perfume, and those stupid golf socks after all!

So- blogging... why? It's not like I'm going to share any 'Breaking News'... I'm not an 'expert' on anything... why am I blogging? Beats me! Do I need to 'share' helpful hints or something???
Kind of like a reward for reading my blog? Ha Ha... hmmm.....
Thanks for reading my first post!!!


  1. Oh girl! That was great and I had to laugh outloud. I actually could see you in your house. Funny! And it is very true that when you pack all of the sudden you have a need for things you haven't used for years! Why?? Well because what if???
    love it Aim. Keep it up.

  2. Oh wow what a big trip Jackson is going on! I'm sure he will have a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. Hope you have a nice trip too. J/adore your blog!

  3. Sooner or later I see you writing a book! This is priceless! Especially when you have all your hubby's things packed and then they decided to get in on the action. Drives me crazy with my own husband! Have a great vacation and keep on bloggin!

  4. Too funny!! I am so bad at packing & laundry...ugh I hate it! Keep blogging, I will enjoy reading :]

  5. Wow, you are good, only Jaarsma goodies, huh. I always seem to find senseless stuff to bring in my carry on that I never ever use, but I just have to have with me
    "just in case". Hope you have a great trip!!!