Friday, July 3, 2009

Christmas Jackpot and wounded pride!

Friday …. at last!
It’s been a day of mishaps, that is for sure! In order to get my main girl, G, to go junking with me, I had to promise to bring our fave junking food, PUFFS. The bakery at our local grocery store makes them… and we are ADDICTED! My darling hubby went to the store bright and early for me…. And NO PUFFS! AUGH!
In spite of that, we rallied and headed out. There weren’t a lot of choices today due to the holiday… I found some brand new clear ornaments (that will be painted or filled with treasures), a very rusted muffin pan and a cute little corkboard that will be darling with some new paint… spent $1.50. Hit another sale, nothing… and then- we stumbled upon a sale at one of our old elementary schools. The whole gym was full! They were wanting to unload it all… $3 per/bag! JACKPOT! I hauled 4 bags out of there. One bag was full of nothing but books… 57 books + 2 Wiggles DVD’s to be exact. That made each book/movie 5 cents a piece! I got books for my little monkey, my niece and a couple of vintage books to use for projects! Get this, 17 of the books were… American Girl! Score!!! I also hauled out a ton of Christmas items… many of them, brand new!
Soon after getting home, the hubby got called out for work. (poor guy got called out at midnight last night too). There go the plans to ‘get stuff done’ before vacation! I decided to forge on without him and went out to gather up all the pots of flowers. I thought I should put them in one location to make watering easier for our house/dog sitter…. All was going smooth, then- BAM! In my classic ‘ballerina fashion‘, I tripped over my own shoe and down I went. Picture- dirt flying.. my poor flowers wilting before my eyes… my dogs running over to me, trying to ‘help‘ me by licking my face….. sigh! I’m now sitting here feeling sorry for myself… no hubby to baby me… can’t even call my mom and whine to her because she’s out of town. Sniffle… I know- put on my big girl panties, and deal with it!
It has just started to rain. I’m not even going to lie- I’m secretly okay with it. The rain will force me to stay inside tonight and ‘get stuff done’! The hubby, informed me this morning that he has packed all of his stuff. Riiight! I got out my LIST and of course, he had missed several crucial items. (I’m now threatening to put the LIST on the bathroom door again!) I won’t give him too much grief though, because while I was out junking with G, he did laundry! I hope this vacation goes better than the preparation for it has gone! I’m told the shopping and food in Portland is wonderful… I’m sure hoping! I’ll be on my own all day while the hubby is in meetings!
I’m going to go and nurse my wounds from the fall… which really just consist of a scraped knee and some wounded pride!
I LOVE Shiny Brite ornaments!
And PINK... my signature color!
With all the goodies I crammed into my bags, I calculated each item
cost approx. 7 whole cents! 7 cents for a box of Shiny Brite... I'm in heaven!
Zippers, ribbon and an unopened bag of pink string beads...
I feel many projects coming on!

More treasures... hatboxes, snow picks, glittery snow...
what a bargain!

A brand new pillow to hang over a doorknob...
and a super cute dogbone basket!
Each item ... 7 cents!


  1. OH! MY! GOODNESS! What a haul, girl!
    Thanks for stopping by, I will be checking back often. Where in Iowa are you from??

  2. Small world, isn't it?? I am so glad to 'meet' you and think you are just gonnna LOVE have the knack already, girl!
    Email often, ok?

  3. Happy 4th! I am also a SAHM. Love your ideas. I am also a junk-addict. LOL If you get curious check out my blog ;)
    Happy blog hopping!

  4. Hopping by to say hello from the blog hop. Have a fun and safe Independents Day :)

  5. stumbled on your blog this morning, welcome to the blogoshpere. Looks like you hit the jackpot, I never seem to find anything good at sales I go to. Your picture of the ornaments reminded me of the ornaments my dad had when I was a kid. They weren't pink but they were in a box just like that one.