Thursday, July 2, 2009

Butterfly nets and my friend Georgia

I've had a day of 'nets'. Nets to catch frogs... and a stroll down memory lane- thinking about 5th grade when my class made butterfly nets and did a chapter on butterflies.
Man, was I into it! I even ordered a book about them from the local bookstore.
As much as I loved the chapter on butterflies... it didn't compare to the love my friend, Georgia, had for them.
And to this day....many years later- she still loves them, and has passed her love for them on to her daughter.
Georgia and the kids came over for an afternoon swim today and it was only fitting that these two little butterflies joined us!

Butterflies LOVE coneflowers.
I have them planted right outside of the office window...
I can sit and watch them all day!


  1. Ahhh, the good old days & making butterfly nets! I really got into that project too. I even sacrificed my two favorite scarves to use for the net! They were hot pink & purple-the thin, filmy kind, like your grandma might wear. How pretty that would be to catch beautiful butterflies in! Imagine my horror when my dad decided to 'help' me finish my project by putting these awful silver metal clips on my pretty scarves! Not only did it look tacky, but how was I supposed to gently catch a flying flower in a net filled with heavy metal clamps all around it?! And THEN he had the nerve to say, "What?" in response to my outrage. Which then caused me to say what might have been the first time of many times in my life yet to come...."MEN!!!!!" Thanks, Amy. I love you, too!

  2. LOL! I think I used an old ballet skirt I had outgrown! My dad had to use some funky wiring deal too...... silly men!
    Hmmm.... perhaps I need to pull out some vintage scarves from my collection and they can be put to use for your custom butterfly nets!!!!