Friday, January 1, 2010

This Window Makes Me Crazy

We have a window in our house.
It makes me crazy.
I stopped looking at it years ago.
Do you do that? 
Walk past things in your house so many times, that you stop seeing them?

I'm going to stop doing that.
I noticed the window the other day.
The one that makes me crazy.

I know.
I'm disgusted too.
Those are the same curtains and blinds that were there 9 years ago when we bought the house.

See the odd location of this window?
That is the door that leads to the upstairs.
...and the door is usually open.
I have the Hubby and Monkey under STRICT orders to leave the door shut.
And the dogs.
Yes, they can open the door.
They think they own the upstairs whole house.
And the other side of the window is a wall that makes this an odd little corner.
It isn't a room, it's not associated with a room, its just there.

Anyway, when I stopped to look at the window---
I ripped the curtains down.
They were filthy.
Which made me think...
when was the last time I washed these?
And then I thought...
if I washed these, did I really hang them back up?

There is a post by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.
(whom I currently have a blog crush on)
Her ten minute hanger curtain post...
Did you see it?
Go Here to see it.

She takes a Hotel hanger and drapes a white sheet over it and hangs it in her window...
Its simple, elegant.

I have a white sheet.
I have a Hotel hanger.

Mine did not turn out simple and elegant.
Stupid window.

It didn't work because---
1.  The stupid window is too wide
2.  The hanger and the trim around the stupid window are the same color

I collect scarves.
Told you I was an accessory junkie.

I didn't want to give up on this hanger/stupid window idea
So I went to my scarves, where they are neatly folded smashed into a couple of drawers.
And went back to the window.
I came up with this.

And this version with a different scarf...

Then I started playing around with different scarves.
...This is a vintage Vera scarf.

I love it.
It's Mod.
I would never decorate my house in this style.
I appreciate it.
But a whole room would be just too much for me.
I like it here.
Small dose.
A touch of Mod in a Modless house?

And then...
I put on my fancy pants and went to my jewelry box.
...and somewhere in that transition,
I lost the abillity to take a picture that wasn't blurry.
(my apologies)

Update from this afternoon!
I took a few more pictures:

I am thinking the possibilities are endless with this stupid cute little window.
Thanks Donna for the inspiration.
Speaking of Donna... I'm linking up with her for her fabulous Saturday Night Special  Go see what everyone else is doing!

And to Thrifty Decor Chick for her Before and After party!



  1. I LOVE IT! You really made me smile. Haven't we all had our share of stupid windows in our lives & aren't we glad Donna taught us a thing or two? Thanks for sharing! Deborah

  2. Those scarves are so cute! Good job! And good luck with the STUPID window. You made me laugh :)

  3. Amy
    This is fabulous!!

    Way to keep at it till you liked it! =))
    (love the necklace on the hanger)

    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment

    good luck on the giveaway!


    barbara jean

  4. I am lovin' the necklaces on the hanger!!!! Good luck!

  5. Cute post! I like what you did with your window! just got all new windows in my place- 3 days before Xmas eve! My landlord's idea, not mine. I have some window coverings that need redone. They are just blah. And it IS amazing how dirty and dusty window coverings can get! Mine are white so don't show dust for a while, then they become very dingy!

  6. LOL!!! Ah... catching my breath.

    Amy, you so make me laugh. I LOVE that you tackled this one and as Barbara Jean said, kept at it. I LOVE how you draped the white sheers on it! And I have to say, the jewelry is sweet! You invented that one, girl!

    I have to admit something. That hanger idea? It looked swell on the first windows I chose. I then did the photo shoot and all was hunky dory. And then I got a little too cocky. So sure of myself, I tried it on another one and it just looked... stupid.

    Hangers are fussy! :D

    Thanks for linking up! And the laff. :)

    FJ Donna

  7. Oh what a cute little window now!! Very very clever, love the pearls, I'm seeing vintage hankies too!! What could change the window all the time now. :) You have me giggling over the "stupid" window that you wouldn't even look at. I do that too!! I think to myself if I don't look at, it will go away. lol!!
    Have a super super day!
    ♥ Teresa

  8. Funny Girl....I have several areas that make me crazy. I got to bed thinking crazy thoughts about the crazy areas in my house that make me crazy.

    I think you totally rocked your crazy window. Totally. Love the scarves and the sheer. Extremely cool.

    Happy second day of the new year. :)

  9. You've made your window wonderful! What great ideas! Happy New Year!

  10. I love the jewelry... The curtain is great, then the bangles and beads! Sassy! The window is smiling!
    Barb C.

  11. What a transformation! I love what you have done, and now you can change it up all the time! Great Job! That Donna is FULL of great ideas isn't she! :)


  12. It came out perfect! Now it's a real SHOW-OFF kinda window, lol! I love your style!

  13. Don't you just LOVE the inspiration you get from other bloggers?! You took a fabulous idea and made it even more fabulous! Sometimes we just need to wait for inspiration to club us over the head.

  14. what fun ideas! love to see where people get inspiration.

    You know, I thought my boots were snow boots, until I fell last week. We just moved to Boston from TN and we have no idea about snow or what you are supposed to wear:) So my husband bought me these clip on traction things for Christmas so I wouldn't fall again.

    Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by my blog

  15. Ha! Okay, that window before was absolutely pathetic! But the easy little makeover is perfect. Love the idea of the scarves. You could change it up so many different ways. Have fun continuing with the home improvements and finding your style. Blessings, Tammy

  16. Amy, It looks amazing - that once stupid window is now a great looking window.
    I have tons of "stupid" things in my house that need to be tweaked- wanna come over and do them for me? Okay I'll help you. :)

    looks awesome with the necklaces - that is my favorite.

  17. You deserve an award for this! It's beautiful!! And the use of the scarves and jewelry? Truly inspired! This is one of my favorite posts ever!


  18. I love it and as soon as I saw that window I wanted to post a comment and link you to that post of her's! I just saw it last week and I loved it as well.

  19. You crack me up woman! Love the pearls on the window - it's super cute now!

    FYI - I'll have to have my hubs snap a photo of my next handstand - everyone will be on the floor dying over it!

  20. Amy, I saw your cute little title on another blog, and had to come see. Glad I did! This is such a fun idea.
    You are a crack up as well, I love nothing more than when you can hear someones tone in their writing. Well done!
    I was going through my delicious account trying to find you a link to a fun way to take cheap mini blinds and turn them into roman blinds....but I couldn't find it, sorry.
    I think if you googled it, it would pop right up though!

  21. The necklace is my favorite!!!!! I love to display my jewerly though, You have inspired me, I have an idea brewing

  22. What a cute idea!!! I too like the necklace, it is just so darn cute.

    By the way, your blogger header picture is great. How cool is that!!

  23. Girl, you will not believe the things I walk past in my house everyday that I no longer notice!

    But when we have company, they light up like a darn neon sign! We have been in a complete remodel for over 2 years now! I feel bad that I have had the same company at least 3 times in the last year and I had to give them the same excuse each time "Oh, we are still remodeling!"- yeah right. The remodeling has not budged in at least 8 months!

    I love your fancy pants version!

  24. Love this post. Wonderful ideas for a creative window treatment!

  25. I love the hanger with the pearls on it. Very unique and cool!

  26. You have it going on Miss Amy-
    Keep it up.
    (look for more windows!)


  27. Amy,
    I am going to go through my fabric stash and make you a coffee sleeve, may take a week or two as I'm still getting over Christmas. lol BUT, I will email you later for your address so I can send it to you when it's made. :) They are so fun and real conversation starters at the coffeehouse. I'm starting a project later with them, "Sleeves for Trees" but that's another post. Love love love your visits girlie.
    Hugs ♥ Teresa

  28. Such a clever and craft girl. I see endless seasonal changes that you could make too. :)

  29. what a wonderful transformation Amy! I love the white with the necklaces.

  30. Oooooo!!!

    Fab, truly.

    Love your blog!


  31. What a cute idea -- does make a difference in the window -- it's realy clever!

  32. That is one cute window!!! Talk about from "hi-waters geek" to "prom queen".

    Nice transformation!!!!


  33. What a sweet and clever idea. You have turned an eyesore into something eye-catching. I will have to steal this one for future use. The white bead version is my favorite.

  34. I do know about looking at something so long that you don't really see it--sometimes by design. What an interesting idea! I love that you took the idea and made it suit you and I love being able to change the look.

  35. Those necklaces are so perfect for that window!! I gasped when I saw how much better it looked!!! Good job~
    I love Donna, too. Where oh where does she find all her inspirations and talent?? I don't know... But she is amazing.

    Thanks for popping in and entering my giveaway! Good luck to you! (btw, your blog is wonderful- i will be back soon for a closer look!)

  36. What a cute blog you have started! Love your header picture! Very great way to showcase your scarf collection and made you window look cute at the same time!

  37. I think you have a lot of potential there for changing out what you have on the hanger...very clever of you! And i know what you mean about having something in your home that you dislike so much that you totally forget it is there! Happy New Year

  38. Love the jewlery - so neat clever and genius! Looks gorgeous in the daylight. I think it may be a keeper!?!

  39. I LOVE the pearls. That's my favorite look out of the ones your pictured. It looks very posh and well-to-do. And a VAST improvement from the "before!" :o)

  40. I love the necklaces!! Very cool! I am going to try it myself.

  41. I love the beads hanging from the hanger!!! I love the softness of the window!

    I LOVE your blog! Thanks for following mine. Hee!

    I might just post something about decorating one of these days!!!

    (do I write LOVE too much?)


  42. I just love this idea. Especially the one with the pearls. That window is another place you can decorate! Great. I have some pretty bizarre windows in this house. But I love them. It is fun to have stuff that we can constantly move around and change. I love to hang pearls all over the house...they are so pretty just lying around on the tables with pictures and candles. I'm enjoying your blog.

  43. Very sassy! The whole window looks muuuuch better with just a few new items! And I'm loving the soft sheer with the pearls--very lady like.